Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bella and Zoey (2GoodDogs) Blog

Hi, my name is Bella and I am a White Boxer (rare, if I say so myself). I am the Alpha Girl of 2GoodDogs and am very particular about getting my feet wet. I am very athletic and regularly race around our yard at breakneck speed. I hope you like my site and that you come back often for regular updates and more pictures. For now you can find some of our pics at my Daddy's PicasaWeb page. PS: A long time ago we had a sister named Sadie, but she had to go away. Here is Sadie's Page. Daddy says she was a philosopher, whatever that is.

And my name is Zoey. I am a Chocolate Lab, appropriately named, because I am sweet as Milk Chocolate. I am a happy girl because I have a Daddy that loves me and a sister, who, although a bit ornery sometimes, is my best pally pal. We have lots of fun on sunny days and on rainy days we just stay inside and sleep. I hope enjoy our blog! Ps: you might want to visit my Daddy's Internet Resources pages for lots of fun and useful links to lots of things!

My dear Zoey passed out of this life March 31, 2016. But she will never pass out of my heart. Her love and courage will always be with me. Bella and I are missing her terribly, but I am so thankful for every day of her 12 years.